Below are my 10 commitments:

  • Act as a ‘Fiduciary and Advocate’ at all times*. I will help my clients make decisions that are in their best interests and ahead of my own. And/or make outside recommendations if I feel I am unable to help.
  • I will specialize. Focus my time, skill, and energy towards mastering and delivering on just one thing and one thing only (generating high-quality leads and enquiries).
  • Replace long boring presentations with simple open and honest conversations.
  • I will address money issues early (to save embarrassment).
  • I will be selective – I will walk away quickly (if I’m not 100% certain I can truly help) to save both yours and my time.
  • I will thoroughly question and diagnose before I prescribe (even if the client claims to have self-diagnosed the problem). They may be correct, but let’s find out for sure. Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.
  • If we decide to work together, hard work and accountability swing both ways (we will both have tasks to complete and responsibilities).
  • Change (elephant in the room – yes it’s different). I must encourage and support my clients in new ways of thinking and operating. Without change (continuing to do the same things) better results will be difficult if not impossible to achieve. Change only ever occurs when we get outside of our comfort zone and try (test) new ideas.
  • Any discontent should be embraced early. Even minor concerns need to be addressed and resolved swiftly and amicably. Silent discontent serves neither party. Be open and honest about everything.
  • I’ll offer a 100% money-back guarantee. This ensures a vested interest and risk sharing is present (same team mindset) at all times.

Why do I list the above 10 commitments and how did I come up with them?

Because I know what it feels like (stress and pressure) to be a small business business owner. If you want to know the true story and reason behind the commitments I offer (my motivation) please take a look at How I discovered and developed the Get More Customers Method™

The 10 commitments also help me demonstrate and deliver on my why. As in why I do what I do

*To uphold and demonstrate my role as a fiduciary and advocate to my clients. I offer a 100% rolling money-back guarantee.